GATA (a Graphic Alignment Tool for Comparative Sequence Analysis)

GATA is a stand alone, platform independent, graphic alignment tool for comparative sequence analysis. It makese use of BLAST to graphically align two DNA sequences creating box-line-box representations of window scored local alignments. Gata can also display extensive gene annotation using a standardized GFF format.

The program and source code (Java) are freely available from SourceForge or the EisenLab at LBNL.

To align DNA sequences with GATA, first launch GATAliner to create and save the alignment objects. Then launch GATAPlotter to display the alignment.

This program was created by Dr. David Nix as an intuitive means to visualize DNA alignments. The author thanks Dr. Michael Eisen and Dr. David Drubin as well as the people in their labs for comments and suggestions. The author also acknowledges the American Cancer Society, the University of California at Berkeley, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for providing post doctoral support.

     GATAligner Help
     GATAPlotter Help

For questions, comments, suggestions, or bug reports contact David Nix or the Eisen Lab.

Version 0.4 - May 2004
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